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Since April 2021 I have been contracted for a variety of comics in Sensory: Life on the Spectrum- organised by Bex Ollerton. Sensory is a comic anthology series featuring a variety of perspectives about the adult lives of autistic people. The comic content varies from highly emotional personal experiences all the way to resourceful and thoughtful data collection on the quality of life for autistic people.

Sensory was nominated for the 2022 Ringo award for Best Anthology as well as the 2023 Eisner award under the same category.
My contributions in Sensory tend to discuss the systematic plights of autistic people (especially autistic adults) in modern society- with an emphasis on lesser researched or discussed symptoms of autism spectrum disorder.


2000AD script adaption based on the 2022 Thought Bubble talent search script, "Music of the Spheres" by KEK-W

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