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I'm Shay! I'm a storyboarder and animator from sunny Caledonia.
I'm currently working towards a masters degree in comics and graphic novels here in Scotland. 
I've been a student director for 2+ years, currently working toward the release of my animated short film project from my undergrad, "STARCROSSING". As well as a currently untitled graphic novel for my masters programme.

say, don't i know you from somewhere?

Has anyone ever mentioned how extremely observant you are? You might recognise me from some of these projects!

Director / Storyboarder / Animator - "The Call"
Dingle Animation Festival "Best Sting Award".
Dingle Animation Festival 2022 in collaboration with Boulder Media.


2D visual effects artist - "The Supermarket"

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design Graduate film. 
Directed by Ben McCormick.

Comic artist and writer - "Sensory: Life on The Spectrum"
Anthology Series hosted by Rebecca Ollerton.
Published by Andrews McMeel.

Creator Featurette - Animation Category
Artfight 2019 "Dream vs Nightmare" Event.
Online Art Community Competition.

Comic Feature - VIZ MEDIA promotional material
Hiveswap Comic Competition, Hosted by VIZ and Whatpumpkin.
Online Art Community Competition.


Helpful Community Member Award - Advertising

Artfight 2018 "Tea vs Coffee" Event.
Online Art Community Competition.

what programmes do you use?

Adobe Premiere
Toonboom Harmony
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